On the northeast coast directly on the dike with huge water sports man heart
Sport & Leisure

Sport & Leisure

Sport & Leisure

Water sports enthusiasts welcome. Joy of life, life spirit and a lot of entrepreneurial pleasure are waiting for you.


  • Sport on the beach:
    The numerous beaches offer a wide range of possibilities for active holidaymakers. In the water you can pull your tracks or play a water polo match against friends. On the beach we then actively continue. The lively southern beach at Burgtief offers not only a great view of the Fehmarnsund Bridge, but also volleyball nets. Here you can play without worry, because the beach is particularly fine sandy.
    The beach Gollendorf with its grass-covered dike also protects against injuries during the game. Surfers and kiters like to travel in the water. If you prefer to play in the cool water with Beach Bats or Frisbee, you should visit the beach Flügge west of Gollendorf. Sandbanks allow standing in the water up to 25 metres from the shore. The beach Gold west of Burgtief even leads over 100 meters flat into the sea. Pure sports fun is therefore guaranteed.

  • Windsurfing:
    Fehmarn offers many different surf offers for all water rats who like to explore the sea on a board. Even beginners or absolute newcomers will get their money’s worth here. Windsurfing is especially popular on the island. In appropriate courses, participants can learn everything about surfing and apply it practically the same.

  • Diving:
    You don’t want to ride the waves, but rather discover what happens underneath? Then a diving course is just the thing. Fehmarn offers many good places for diving from Westermarkelsdorf in the north to Staberdorf in the south. On Fehmarn you can dive all year round. From May to October is the best time, because then the diver will present the most fish. Starting at 30,00 Euro, you can learn the great sport and explore the colourful underwater world in a taster course. If you already have knowledge of diving, fehmarn will of course find the right equipment in addition to great diving points.

Leisure activities

  • Marine centre Fehrmarn:
    In the marine centre on Fehmarn you can immerse yourself in the underwater world of the tropical seas. In many aquariums there are shrill colorful coral fish of all kinds. Corals, nemos, seahorses, firefish, moray eels, rays and sharks can be admired in lagoons, in the walk-in underwater tunnel and in the gigantic ocean aquarium. Impressive multimedia exhibitions such as the mangrove and shark worlds bring them closer to the tropical ecosystem. The 4 million litre aquarium facility is unique in its type, variety and size.

  • Bhanya Thai Massage:
    To get rid of the stress of everyday life and gather new strength, the traditional Thai massage could be just the right thing to do. It is one of the oldest healing methods in the world, which has a tradition to this day. The treatment is permeable to circulation, energy-enhancing, muscle-relaxing and relieving joint and vertebrae.

  • Baltic Sea fishing relaxed:
    There are enough fishing spots on Fehmarn. All you need is a seat, a fishing rod, a cold drink and a bit of patience. And even if no one should bite, then you have at least spent the time in the fresh air with a great view.

  • Soccergolf:
    Especially if you travel with your family, soccer golf could be really fun for you. With as few shots as possible, you have to punch the football past obstacles. The complex can be found near Castle on Fehmarn.

  • Galileo Knowledge World:
    Maybe something for rainy days: In the Galileo knowledge world on Fehmarn you can experience natural history, technology and culture in three different museums. Among other things, you can marvel at a real mammoth skeleton here.

  • Bird watching:
    Fehmarn is the perfect island to watch birds. About 280 bird species were registered here in the Wallnau WaterBird Reserve. However, you need binoculars to really see the birds and their behaviour. Also great if you are not an ornithologist!

  • Cycling:
    The best way to explore Fehmarn is by bike. Always along dikes you can cycle almost around the entire island. Also in Germany, the cycle paths are well developed, and there are hardly any ascents on Fehmarn. Only on the short piece to get to the dike, you have to pedal a little more.

  • Art in the Tower:
    It’s probably the closest art exhibition on Fehmarn, and it’s a real insider tip. Near the Flügger beach stands this tower, which has been expanded into an art gallery. Definitely worth a visit!

  • Stones flicker on the beach:
    Stones can be found enough on the long beaches of Fehmarn. You have to look for a bit so that you can really find the perfect stone for flaking. Go into the squat a bit, the right hand posture and the stone jumps over the water.

  • Rentaship:
    This is a very special way to explore Fehmarn: on the way with the fun mobile. Sergey Markov rents out one or two extravagant vehicles. Among other things, you can soon rent a Jimi Hendrix mobile from him. He also offers himself as a chauffeur.

  • Going to Denmark:
    Fancy a little trip to Denmark? From Fehmarn there are regular ferries to the northern neighbouring country, the crossing takes only about 45 minutes. Maybe a good idea for a day trip.

  • Climbing to a lighthouse:
    The ascent is worthwhile: from the lighthouse Flügge the view is truly breathtaking. It is one of five lighthouses on Fehmarn. However, the ascent is a bit strenuous. But after the 162 steps, you know why you did it.

The information on all activities was taken from the travel reporter, fehmarn-travel, mega-sea worlds as well as Thai massage.